Error: Connection to SugarCRM failed, check user info (Couldn't get proxy)

- In RichContactPro/SugaryCB configuration, please check SugarCRM information : Version and SugarCRM Live Site and check user information : Username and password, it should be all correct.

- At the end of SugarCRM Live Site please don't make / ; ex : http://your.sugarcrm.installation instead http://your.sugarcrm.installation/

- Make sure that assigned user to contact should be exist in SugarCRM

- Password of user should not be hashed

- There is another possibility when this error occurs. The data returned by SugarCRM server cannot be understood by SOAP, it means PHP cannot return proper XML data back to the SOAP running on your WebSite.
You need to find with your administrator these types of errors, which stop PHP from functioning and returning proper data back to SOAP.
One way to understand what kind of data SOAP expects is to load the following URL into your browser:

The stuff you see is data that SOAP expects and can understand. Form more detail, please see our Faq "How can I check my SugarCRM SOAP response?" @

-For all other possibilities you need to check with your administrator the PHP log.

-If you received an empty response from your SugarCRM installation (instead of XML response), so, we think that there is something wrong in your SugarCRM installation or configuration. Please note that the proper functioning of our extension depends on the SugarCRM response, installation and configuration. 

Unfortunately, we do not provide the support for SugarCRM. Please see with your administrator or web hoster to fix this issue. for more detail, please see our Faq "Do you provide the support for Joomla!, SugarCRM or Vtiger?" @

We strongly recommend you to check your:

1- SugarCRM installation:
Please make sure that your SugarCRM is properly installed and configured according to SugarCRM recommendations @ 

2- SugarCRM Hosting:
Please make sure that your SugarCRM is properly hosted on a server offering the resources (RAM, ...) recommended by 

3- Checking your files permissions if they are made as recommended by SugarCRM @ 

4- Please check the config.php of your SugarCRM Installation and see if you have added "http://" in "site_url".
You should have: 'site_url' => 'http://your.sugarcrm.installation'

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