Error: Error building admin menus

In this case, you can access to the component by the URL: http://YourDomainName/administrator/index.php?option=YourComponent, but the component is not visible in the menu. We think that this is a bug in the Joomla! extension installer (com_installer).

To fix this issue follow the following steps:

 * First, go to Extensions, Extensions Manager, Manage, find com_YourComponent and uninstall it.

Now open phpMyAdmin:

 * Table jos_assets - Find the row where the name column is com_YourComponent and delete it

* Table jos_extensions - Find the row where the type column is component and the element column is com_YourComponent and delete it

* Table jos_menu - Find the row where the title is YourComponent and delete it

* And finally, go to Extensions, and install the component

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